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SBS (Solid Bleached Sulphate)

SBS is a virgin fiber grade of paperboard made purely from bleached chemical pulp coated with mineral or synthetic pigment on top (in one or more layers as well as the reverse side). It is a single layer board with medium density, and white inside and outside. Its good printing properties render it suitable for quality graphical and packaging end uses. Various finishing methods can be applied as it is easy to be cut, creased, hot foil stamped and embossed. It being hygienic and pure with no smell and taste make it popular for packaging aroma and flavor sensitive products such as chocolate, cigarettes and cosmetics.

Clay-coated Board

Over 70% of recycled board produced for folding cartons is clay-coated on one or both sides so as to make it white and smooth. Clay-coated paperboard is either backed by Kraft fibers (brown, CCKB), ONP fibers (gray, CCNB) or bleached fibers (white, CCWB). “Clay-coated news back” (CCNB) is a common coated recycled paperboard grade.

Kraft Liner

Kraft Liner is primarily produced with virgin fiber or various quantities of recycled fiber content. Kraft liner is a durable, cost effective substrates, but enhanced graphics can be difficult to achieve on the brown surface. It is not typically manufactured as a high graphics printing grades.

White Top

White top is typically a two-ply sheet. The top ply is made of bleached/mottled fiber and the bottom ply made of unbleached virgin fiber, recycled fiber or a mixture of both. White top has much smoother surface than Kraft liner yet and its white facing gives corrugated printers the latitude to expand the gamut of colors and graphics, which tends to enhance consumer’s product perception.

Stone Paper

Stone paper is composed of natural stone, inorganic mineral powder (calcium carbonate) and a non-toxic resin. The paper looks and feels both like natural tree-fiber paper but is much more eco-friendly.

Art Paper

Art paper is one of the highest quality printing paper grades commonly used for illustrated books, calendars and brochures. The grammage varies from 100 to 230 g/m2, and are triple coated with 20 – > 40 g/m2/side with matte or glossy finish.


Chipboard is made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibers. It often comes with two to three layers of coating on the top and one layer on the reverse side. It is grey from inside because of its recycled content.