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China Custom Cardboard Display Standee for Sale Suppliers

China Custom Cardboard Display Standee for Sale Suppliers

1,Simple Utility:
1) Higher bearing degree: Capable to carry max 75kg heavy goods, the structure is extremely stable. Could be wildly used as food display shelf, battery hanger shelf, cosmetics counter top display etc.
2) Customized presentation styles and dimension: Products dimension, appearance design, and surface printing pattern are all customized. We can do OEM according to customers’ design drawing, further more, we can also do ODM base on customers’ requirements in actual projects.
3) Individual Package: Individual package and 5 or 10 units double packed with carton.
4) Easy Assembly: Few parts-simple to assemble and easy to clean, assembly drawing along with the display rack.

2, Composite structure:
1) Disassembly: Lightweight cardboard material, and small volume disassembled parts make the delivery more cost-effective and convenient.
2) Consist of different tiers, salesman can adjust the layer boards position to marketing promotion.
3) Wedge joint replace the conventional type, makes the display rack more stable in practical use.
4)  Vertical 15 degree angle slant, accord with human visual habit.

3, Full Color/ 4 Colors(CMYK) Printing:
Full Color/ 4 Colors(CMYK) offset printing with lamination and glossy, makes company LOGO and pattern more bright and vivid, increase the advertising effectiveness.

4, Environment-friendly Material:
All display racks use 100% recyclable material, more conducive to environmental protection.

5, Fast Delivery: Company has own more than one CTP machine and full set production line to support fast delivery. 3 days delivery for sample order, 15 days delivery for bulk order.

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