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Display shelf will be the future trend of low-carbon environmental protection

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cardboard floor display stand factoryDisplay shelf has a lot of features in a low-carbon society today shouting; environmental green furniture tend to show the aircraft’s future development, it will definitely get people’s acceptance and recognition; paper furniture, by definition, is mainly cardboard, corrugated paper and other materials for made furniture. It is cleverly designed to take advantage of the mechanics, so that it has sufficient strength; specially addressed to solve its material overwhelmed and afraid of water influx avoid weaknesses; dyed surface can also be coated with a wide variety of colors, imitate the Mechanism of different materials, both the texture of wood, paper and textiles. Be able to say, paper furniture is one of the future direction of the development of furniture.

And weight requirements based on customer use of different paper stock combination, can be used with other materials (metal, wood, plastic, etc.) consisting of mixed construction Chin; convenient supplier shipped directly from the origin to the final loading point of sale unpacked sales, thrift repeatedly Stowage aliquots into Display shelf / paper show frame with high economic value, for any form of commercial business occasion, have to attract customers, the role of promotional merchandise. Meanwhile, the business also has to improve the degree of commodity image and corporate famous role. Display shelf / paper show

the frame has the following features:

New products tell

Most Display shelf / paper show planes are all new products Tell ads. When the sale of the new product, along with other mass media, in sales situations using Display shelf / paper show stand for promotional activities to attract the consumer perspective, stimulate their desire to buy.

Attract customers into the store

Two-thirds of people are temporarily make purchasing decisions in the actual purchase, it is clear that the flow rate is proportional to sell its retail customers. The first step thus Display shelf / paper show is to introduce Rack Promotion accesible.

Cited customers stopped

How to attract customer attention and sparked interest commodity, Display shelf / paper holder can show a pattern by virtue of its new, stunning colors, strange ideas and other forms lead to customer attention, make it linger and then in advertising goods produced interest. Ingenuity, compelling standard Display shelf / rack paper show can often play an unexpected effect. In addition, field operations, the trial sample, free samples and other in-store live forms of advertising, but also greatly mobilized the customer’s interest, to induce purchase motivation.

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