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China Custom Made Cardboard Dump Bins Companies

China Custom Made Cardboard Dump Bins Companies

1. Unique, easy to catch customers eyes, create great sales volume.
Customized cardboard display is unique in the market.When the point of sale cardboard display put in the supermarket with full color printed, it will easy to attract customers eyeball, and help you to promote your products, create great sales volume.

2. Cost-saving, recyclable, practical.
Cardboard display is made up of 100% recyclable paperboard materials, and much practical than Iron or plastics shelves, because it is cost-saving and could do the job as the iron and plastics display do.

3. Light weight, easy to assembled.
Cardboard display is lighter than the metal or other material’ s display, and can be easy assembled and disassembled to save the logistics cost and storage space.

4. High bearing degree, High capacity.
Capable to carry max 75kg heavy goods, the structure is extremely stable. It could be wildly used as food display shelf, battery hanger shelf, cosmetics counter top display etc. The cardboard is your best choice.

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