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How can a Free Standing Display help you stand out from the crowd?

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Custom Corrugated Cardboard Pallet Shelves ManufacturersIf you have a new product in store or a popular item that you hope will draw people in, how should you promote it so that customers can’t miss it? A free cardboard standing display may be the answer to your problems. There are plenty of benefits to be gained from using one of these:

Draws attention to a specific product:

A free cardboard standing display is the ideal way to promote a particular brand or item. Small products such as stationery can easily get lost on the shelf but dedicating a separate stand to it catches the customer’s eye which means that they are more likely to purchase the product. Additionally, free standing displays are a useful way of promoting products that are on offer or that are particularly good value.

Competitive advantage:

Situating a product in a free standing display unit can give it an advantage over its competitors. A separate branded unit will draw the attention of customers before they search the shelf which means that whatever is inside it is likely to be purchased before consumers can scan for alternatives.

Branding room:

Another major positive which is often overlooked is the additional advertising room provided. While one side of the FSDU allows customers to pick up the item, the remaining three sides function as advertising space which means that buyers are drawn to the product from whatever direction they approach.


Setting up your new unit is straightforward and takes just two minutes. Your new storage space will be delivered as a basic flat-pack which is easy to construct.

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